Welcome to the Arcadia Mission 2014 page.

Arcadia Mission is the story of one man, Christopher Brown, and a plane, Arcadia, coming together to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the first Canadian transcontinental flight. Starting in Lachute on September 16, they will travel to Vancouver with stops in Ottawa, North Bay, Kapuskasing, Regina, Winnipeg and Lethbridge.

This is more than just a commemoration of feats past. Arcadia Mission 2014 is also about taking on the awesome challenge of completing this transcontinental flight in a way similar to how it was done 75 years ago. Through the mission, Chris and Arcadia, hope to inspire future generations, documenting and sharing the revelations of the journey along the way and conveying just how exciting and invigorating the art of taking flight is. They also hope to reach flying and planes aficionados, engage them through this shared passion in this ongoing dialogue on the incredible thrill of flight.

Join us on this great adventure, as the past meets the present to inform future on the evolving art of flying. The mission will be chronicled here, as well as on our Facebook page and twitter feed. Be sure not to miss a single chapter, subscribe to our blog’s RSS feed today.